Winc Wine Club

Winc Wine Club Offer #Sponsored #USFamilyGuide

Ever decide you want to try a new wine, and then you’re just intimidated when you look at the huge selection at the store?  How do you choose?  Do you pick a pretty label, look for certain key words, or just close your eyes and grab something? Winc is not your traditional wine club: they […]

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Corn Chowder

Corn and Quinoa Chowder

I realize that most people are seeing signs of Fall, but around here things haven’t cooled down much at all.  However, this week I wanted something comforting for my lunches – something that would let me feel as though Fall is on the way! This chowder is light enough for warm weather and uses corn […]

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Sept Daily Goodie Box

September Daily Goodie Box #GotItFree #FreeSampleBox #DailyGoodieBox

September brought more goodies from Daily Goodie Box!  My friends now look forward to these boxes as well, since i share all of the items I think someone else might enjoy more.   You can learn more about each item here!   Trolli – Sour Bite Crawlers Nellie’s – Baby Laundry Soda Crown […]

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Squishy Mats #Review from #USFamilyGuides

Do you ever get something with one use in mind and once you get that product you discover that it’s going to end up being something totally different? That’s what happened when I agreed to review Squishy Mats! When I signed up to review Squishy Mats, I was thinking that Snoopy (our dog) would love […]

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Sea Turtle Nest

Sea Turtles on the Beach

Yesterday evening we were having a late afternoon stroll on the beach. I wanted to stick my toes in the Gulf – if the water was cold, I would have felt pretty good that Irma wouldn’t come our way. Unfortunately, while it wasn’t warm, it wasn’t cold either, so it’s still a toss-up. We were […]

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Waterpik Water Flossers #Review

Do you ever get tired of having to remind your children to floss? It’s a great habit you want them to develop, but sometimes I get so tired of all of the push-back I get! It doesn’t help that my daughter inherited my tightly-packed teeth, which doesn’t make flossing easy. I’ve used a Waterpik for […]

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Home Improvements and Getting Ready for Irma

I can’t believe that less than two weeks after my coworkers in Houston got hit by Harvey we here on the Gulf Coast are bracing for the (possibility) of Hurricane Irma! I’m ready for hurricane season to be over, but it looks like we’re in for a long season. Of course, we are also in […]

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