In our house, we try to strike a balance between teaching our children a lot, and making it fun.  Studies show that the more your children are exposed to at a young age, the better they will do for the rest of their life.  We rely a lot on simply reading to our youngest, but these TinkerActive books we got from Moms Meet inspired us with new ways to incorporate FUN learning into his routine!  I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions.  Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

TinkerActive books currently teach Math and Science.  The MotsMots are the citizens of TinkerTown and they are fun characters that help guide you and your child through the different activities and exercises. I love how everything is set up not as a lesson, but as an activity or a game.  There are also hands on activities that use household objects and put into practice some of the concepts that are taught in the book.

There are achievement stickers for each project, and once a book is completed there is a special magnetic merit badge.  The pages tear out, which is nice if you want to take just a page or to with you when you are going out and about.

We tried out a project that used paper plates and popsicle sticks to make paddles.  Then they hit the balloon back and forth, adding points for hits and subtracting points when it hits the floor.  Working on adding and subtracting without even thinking about it!

These books were a huge hit!  We loved the fun characters, and all of the activities.  The books are nice and sturdy, but ti’s still easy to tear out pages when needed.  We will definitely take advantage of these books as we go through school.

TinkerActive Workbooks can be purchased wherever books are sold. To buy online, click here. If you purchase on Amazon, please leave a product review directly on Amazon.