Around here, summer is movie time because it’s too stinking hot in the middle of the day to do practically anything else.

It’s always great to find movies the entire family can enjoy, and this is definitely one of those!  We were sent a summer adventure pack, which we really enjoyed.  My four year old found the movie a little scary, but he still watched it.  Toward the end he got a little nervous in some of the scenes.  My daughter really enjoyed the movie.  I love that they design an amusement park – we spent time later designing or own park, so it’s a great kick off to be creative!

The Wonder Park amusement park family survival kit was awesome!  Some of the items will be available in stores – my son loved Boomer the bear, and my daughter liked the monkeys in the coaster cars.  They are pretty cute with their different costumes!  We also got a great lunchbox that my son is using for camp this summer.