If you have any tea drinkers on your Christmas list (or if you are a tea drinker), then you need to head over to the Tea Book and take a look!  I love that their teas are not only delicious, but there are plenty of aspiring role models you can choose from.

The Tea Book started off as a unique way to store a variety of teas in one place.  The book of teas showcases all of your different teas, so of course the best way to improve that is with some creative and artistically drawn tea wrappers.  I got to try Barry Berry Tea, Barack “Tisane” Obama Herbal Tea , and it is so delicious!  I like making this tea really strong, and then pouring it over ice.  It is so refreshing, and I also love the color!  It reminds me a lot of a tea I buy sometimes, and it is much more cost effective!

There are several different sections when you are looking for teas.

Another neat thing is that the pictures have all sorts of cool things hidden in them!

Below are all of the things packed into the Barry Berry Tea illustration. :
1.) The Nobel peace prize he won.
2.) His birth certificate, because of the birther movement “The proof is in the tea”.
3.) His mug says 44, since he was the 44th president.
4.) The tea tag says 2, because he served two terms.
5.) The bird on the right is wearing White Sox, Obama’s favorite team.
6.) “Barry” in the flavor, was the name Obama used until college.
7.) “Tisane” in the name is the french/latin word for herbal tea.
8.) The fruit basket hints to Michelle’s nutrition program
9.) The scene is the “Garden of Eden.” We wanted to convey Obama’s deep christian faith, and the garden was the perfect analog. It parallels his presidential portrait and his environmental legacy. Additionally, he was the first black President and Michelle the first black First Lady, Adam and Eve were the first man and woman.
9.) The snake represents sin and temptation in the garden. In the tail you will find the letters GOP.
10.) The snake is smoking, as this was one of Obama’s vices until Michelle helped him quit.
11.) There is a basketball hoop in the background, since Obama loves basketball and converted the White House tennis court into a basketball court.
12.) The bird in the left corner is the official bird of Kenya (Google it), referencing Obama’s Kenyan ancestry.
13.) The rainbow represents Obama’s legacy of fighting for LGBTQ+ equality.
14.) Like Obama, the artist Robb Armstrong is one of the first black syndicated cartoonists with his series “Jump Start.”
15.) Lastly, two of the ingredients are imported from Africa, but are now sitting in your cup of tea…