Around here, it seems as though summer is never going to end! We keep waiting to get a break from the heat, but it never seems to happen. On the plus side, this gives us the chance to enjoy our outdoor water activities even longer!
Living on the Gulf Coast, a large portion of our recreational activities involve being in and around the water. We surf, sail, paddle board, and snorkel all of the time.

We have been going out sailing, and we recently added this awesome full face snorkel to our outdoor water toy collection! If you never have used a full face snorkel and get the chance to, I would recommend it – it is truly a unique experience. Having the full face cover lets you see even more, for a better immersive experience when you snorkel. Plus, it’s more comfortable than a traditional snorkel since there is nothing in your mouth. Having the mouth and nose separate from the section where your eyes are also prevents the mask from fogging up – something that always give me a hard time with traditional snorkels! You can also breathe from your nose or mouth – whichever is more comfortable to you.

This one we got for my husband – we already had a smaller one that my daughter and I use, but it was too small for my husband. When this one came in the mail, we were worried at first because the mask was slightly smaller, but it just sits a little differently and it fit him perfectly!  You can check it out here:

There is a mount that you can use to add a GoPro or similar camera – we don’t have one, so we didn’t try it out but it’s a great option. It also comes with a small waterproof bag, but it’s not going to work with your plus size phones.

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