Summer days are here, and with that means indoor time for us during the hottest parts of the day.  I like to get out in the morning and the afternoon, but I like to stay inside during the hottest parts of the day – from about 10-2.  This year, I decided to go ahead and tackle getting our Christmas Cards done during one of those hot afternoons!

I’m always way too last minute on Christmas cards, so I’m happy that these are already done and ready to be sent out!

This time, we tried out Presto Photos – they sent us a credit to give them a try.

While the website at Presto Photos is a little plain, it was fairly easy to navigate.

I do wish that they had a way to only search certain templates – I had to go through all of the templates to search for the Holiday designs.  This made it a little harder to compare the different designs, since they aren’t all together.

I went with the shimmer design – I liked the classic look of it, and I like how it turned out!  I like the space on the back that we have to write individual messages as well.

It will be so nice to have my cards already done when the busy Holiday Season rolls around!

It’s a nice cardstock weight – we went with the flat card.  I would have liked a little more sparkle, but these will do just fine.


When do you work on your Christmas cards?  Are you a procrastinator, or do you like to get them done early?

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