This year, we have spent some time looking at our finances and trying to see where we can save a little money. I have been itching to cut the cable cord for over a year, so I knew that this was a great time to push for it! I finally convinced my husband, and we officially cut the cord two weeks ago. How is it going? So far so good! Here are some of the things we did to prepare.

Get great internet

This one is important – if you plan on cutting the cord but you know you will be using streaming services, be sure your internet is good. We decided to spend a little extra on internet – the money we are saving off of not having a cable bill more than makes up for it!

Think about what you watch

Since I had been wanting to cut the cord for a while, I had spent a lot of time thinking not only of what I watched, but also what the rest of my family watched. My husband’s main concern was football – which is why we delayed it so long. I love the Food Network, but I knew that if I didn’t have it I would only miss it occasionally. The same could be said for any other shows I watched – I stay pretty busy and rarely have time to watch television, so I knew that if I even managed to miss something I would soon forget it! My husband, on the other hand was very concerned about being able to watch college football. So I spent a lot of time looking for options that will allow him to still watch the games!

Invest in a great streaming device

There are a lot of options out there for this, and it is another thing that can make or break your experience. We went with Apple TV, but there is also the Amazon Fire, Playstation Vue, Roku, and I’m sure many other options! Some televisions don’t even require an additional device. You should be able to pick up a free streaming device by trialing a monthly streaming service such as Direct TV Now or Sling.

What is the verdict?

So far so good! We used an introductory offer with Direct TV Now to get a free Apple TV. My husband has been really happy with how easy the Apple TV is to use. Using Siri to search for what you want is very easy! We already had an Amazon Fire, so we are moving it to a smaller TV. Currently we have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Direct TV Now. We plan to cancel the Direct TV Now after our trial period, then start it up again in the Fall when football starts. We don’t watch a lot of TV in the summer, so we really don’t need it then.
Our children really like Netflix (we didn’t have it prior to cutting the cord), so we will probably keep it for the time being, unless we realize we aren’t using it much. We use Amazon for all sorts of things, so we will keep it too. Even with all of the services, our bill is almost half of what we were paying, so it’s a definite win in our book!

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