My son is at the age where he really loves being read to – you have to be careful though, if you leave him alone too long with a book you will find the pages scattered all over his room!  I’m looking forward to when he learns to treat books with a little more care.  He is getting a few books for Christmas this year in the hopes we will do better – one of them will be National Geographic’s Hey Baby!

He loves babies, and he loves animals, so I knew when Hey, Baby!: A Collection of Pictures, Poems, and Stories from Nature’s Nursery was offered for review it would make a great gift for him. .  Please note that I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions.  Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

One of my favorite things about this book is the amazing photos, which you will always find when you get a National Geographic book .  This allows your child to grow with the book – if they are easily distracted, you can simply flip through and look at all of the cute photos and maybe read a page here or there.  As your child gets more interested in stories, there are so many to read!  There are animal profiles and also stories of unusual animal friendships, animal rescue, and global folktales.

Each section is a different habitat – mountains and plains, river and rain forest, jungle and savanna, desert and coast, forest and stream, tropics and peaks, ice and snow, and ocean and sea.  They each open with a poem and end with a photo gallery of cute babies.  Of course, since it is National Geographic you know all of the photos are amazing!  You also get to learn a lot of fun facts along the way.  Did you know that baby porcupines are called porcupettes, or that meerkats are great babysitters?

Learn even more fun facts with this great book – ( this is my affiliate link) .  It’s a great deal for this beautiful book!

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  1. I would give it to my 8 year old son. He is very interested in learning. He watches documentaries for fun and asks questions like “What does a jellyfishes eyes look like.” I know he would enjoy this book.

  2. My son. He is fascinated by animals, cuddly babies, the world, science and reading so this is the perfect thing for him!!! He would love it.

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