Can you believe it’s the Holiday season already?  It seems like once we hit October, the rest of the year just flies by.  This time of year I try to keep plenty of wine on hand – it’s nice to have something if people stop over or it’s good to have bottles at the house in case you are invited to someone’s house!

A great way to make sure you have plenty of wine for the holidays is by joining Winc!  After choosing your flavor profile, they pick wines that they think you will enjoy.  You can choose all red, all white, or a combination.  Many of the wines they bottle themselves!  Each month, they will send a new selection of wines – if you want to put your account on hold it’s simple to do.  Also, your selections get better over for your tastes over time as they figure out your profile.

For our shipment, we chose a combination of red and white.  I like to drink red when it’s cold, and white when it’s hot – lately it could be either of the two on any given day.  We’re going through that time of year where one day we’re in short sleeves and the next day sweaters!  I love that they use easy to understand flavor profiles to describe the different wines.

The default amount is 4 bottles for each monthly selection – you can add more if you want to.  This gives you one bottle of wine per week to try!  Shipping is free when you order four or more bottles, and they have a large selection priced at around $13/bottle.  Each shipment of wine also comes with recipe ideas and serving suggestions.  Since they are one of the largest wineries in the US, they have the ability to offer a great value.  Use this link to get $20 off your first shipment and I’ll get some money off my next shipment too!


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