Our family loves to use Groupon to save money with local attractions.  We also use it when we’re going on vacation as a way to save money while we’re enjoying activities.  Now, there is a new way to save with Groupon! 


Groupon Coupons has savings from tons of different stores, with nothing to buy up front.  You simply head over to their site and click on the coupons tab to see everything that is available.  You can look at a list of popular coupons, or you can choose a store you love and see everything that is available there. 

We actually needed to replace our Handheld Vacuum after many years and much abuse, so we headed over to the Bed Bath and Beyond coupons to see if we could find a great deal.  We signed up for mobile offers to get 20% off and we will have a new Handheld Vacuum heading our way soon! 

Bed Bath and Beyond also has Groupon Coupons on towels, sheets, cookware, and clearance items.  What deal would you use?

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