Is your husband like mine and completely lost without his wallet? Sometimes we will be all set to leave the house, then he can’t find his wallet and we set off on a scavenger hunt until someone finds his wallet and we can head out the door. Why is he always without his wallet? Because up until recently, it was way too fat and took up too much room!


Fortunately for him, Flowfold offered to send a wallet over for him to try out. Made in the USA, it’s stronger than steel but so light it floats! Since he’s used to carrying a lot of stuff with him, I went ahead and picked out the Traveler, but they have lots of different options to suit many different needs.

As soon as I saw the wallet, I thought, “My brother would love this!” He’s always enjoyed good fashion, and this wallet has it in spades. It’s a minimalist look, but the fabrics are interesting. The black is matte, but the black pearl has a unique pattern and shine to it. It’s also kind of see through, which gives it a very interesting look! They use state of the art outdoor fabrics, so I expect them to last a long time! In fact, they come with a lifetime warranty.

The Traveler is made of sailcloth, and holds 12-24 credit cards and cash. There is a clear window in the inside middle, so if you need to keep your driver’s license easy to see it’s a good place to store it. It’s incredibly lightweight since it is made from high performance racing sailcloth. Ballistic nylon webbing adds to it’s strength and gives it a unique look. This one is perfect for my brother!

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They also sent the Traveler Limited, which is made of X-Pac and has a softer finish. This one suits my husband, with a more understated and classic look. Both wallets can fit in your front pocket – when I did a lot of travelling I learned to always keep my important items in my front pockets to avoid pick pockets! Another great thing about both wallets is that they are water resistant – perfect for our beach life!

I highly recommend checking these out – they’re unique, affordable, and well-made!  I was also amazed by how much they held!  There is even a sneaky little place to stash a few business cards! 

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