Another place we visited on our trip to Atlanta was the Legoland Discovery Center. We thought it would be a great place to go when we got there for the children to blow off some steam after our long car ride.

The Legoland Discovery Center is located in a Mall. That worked out really well for us, since our daughter forgot to pack leggings and she was very cold. We found a great sale at Belk and got her a couple of pair for the trip!


After that, we headed to the Discovery Center. We weren’t at all sure what to expect – the website talked about rides and activities, but it was located in a mall so we wondered how big it could actually be. When we got there, we saw that there was a fairly long line to get in. This was because there was only one person working at the front entrance, which caused some issues. Pass holders couldn’t walk directly in, and while the lady working the front desk was friendly and efficient, there were just too many people for her to keep up with. It would have been nice to have an additional person to handle people with annual passes and birthday party visitors.


Our son started getting pretty antsy once he saw the lego figures just inside the gateway, but we managed to keep him calm until we made it to the front. Once we got in, we were immediately able to see a few giant lego figures. We walked through an area that told about how legos were made, but unfortunately a lot of the exhibits in this area were broken, so our children didn’t stick around this area very long.


Next there was a little shooting game ride. We sat in a cart and shot at the bad guys as the cart took us through.  We then headed to Miniland, which was a pretty impressive recreation of the Atlanta area entirely made out of legos.  It was a great way to see all of the major attractions!  Space Mission had several space themed lego creations and lots of legos to build your own space creations with. 


After that we were in a huge play area that had different sections in it. Toward the front was a ride we did not go on (the line was very long). We headed to some of the Earthquake Platforms that had huge tubs of legos and platforms. You could build your creation, then shake the platform to see how it stood up.


My daughter really enjoyed the Pirate Adventure Island towards the back, but it was too big for our son. It made me nervous because it was hard to keep an eye on your child there. We also spent some time building cars and letting them go down a large ramp.  Before leaving, we stopped by Duplo Village, which is great for younger children.  They have some huge blocks to build with, and a little slide. 

While the daily rates are a little steep, the annual passes are pretty reasonable.  If you live in Atlanta you may want to check it out! 

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  1. Legoland Discovery Center does look like a lot of fun. What a terrific place to visit with Lego fans.

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