I remember the first time I saw a rain chain. It was when we lived in East Hill, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful! What is a rain chain? It’s a clever replacement for a downspout in your gutters. Ideally, the chain will go from your gutter to a rain barrel and you can use the water later on your flowers or vegetables.  We got to try out this lovely rain chain from Golden Canary


Not only are the chains pretty, but they also make a beautiful sound when the water is running down them. These Golden Canary Rain Chains are very well constructed, and I love that they are made of recycled copper. The chain consists of six cups with saucers on a six foot chain. It’s really easy to put in the gutter too – there is a metal clasp that easily inserts into your gutter. Also, this is a small family owned business that you are supporting!  Also, they back their product 100%!


If you’re looking for some unique yard decor, definitely check them out!  



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