Do you love Halloween? I’ve never been a huge costume wearer, but my daughter absolutely LOVES getting dressed up for Halloween. For her, that’s the best thing about the Holiday! She will be getting dressed up this year not just for Halloween, but for the school Fall Festival as well – always so much fun!


As you probably know, Frozen remains a pretty popular theme this year. Last year, Little Miss wanted to be Olaf but we couldn’t find a costume for her – this year they are everywhere! However, this year she really wanted to be Elsa with the dress from Frozen Fever, so I was so glad we got to make that happen thanks to the great selection at Wholesale Halloween Costumes. It arrived this week and she loves her Elsa costume. They have a ton of great items that are new for Halloween 2015!  You’re sure to find something for your little princess. 


I like that we won’t have to worry about it falling off of her, and it must be very comfortable because she’s already worn it several afternoons. The cape has great sparkle and the kitten loves chasing the cape! Fortunately, the cape has not fallen apart despite the kitten’s best efforts. I know that means that it’s put together pretty well.

These codes are good through October 4th! 

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The dress is a lovely shade of emerald green that looks good on a lot of different complexions.  My daughter loves the flowers that are on the cape and the dress.  We plan on dressing the Little Man up as Olaf to complete the ensemble! If you’re looking for a Halloween costume, be sure to check out the great selection at Wholesale Halloween Costumes. They are running a ton of specials right now. From adults to babies, they have items for every taste and every budget!


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