One great thing about living in Paradise is that it’s so easy to take a mini-vacation!  We decided that with the addition of Little Man, instead of trying to go somewhere on vacation this year, it would be easier on us and our wallets to have some awesome adventures right in our backyard.  A side benefit was that we were able to leave Little Man in daycare and spend some quality time with our amazing daughter! 


For one of our vacation days we went to Big Kahuna’s, a fairly large water park in Destin – just an hour away.  Ever have one of those places where you just can’t believe you’ve never been?  That’s how I felt – especially after spending a day at the park!  Our daughter had such an amazing time!! 

2015-08-13 15.18.56 

Tips for a Day at the Water Park

Get there early.  We got there when the park opened at ten.  I’m so glad we did!  We had splurged and gotten a cabana, but if we hadn’t we could have easily found space under one of the large umbrellas spread throughout the park.  Lines were lunch shorter in the morning than they were in the afternoon as well. 

Bring sunscreen.  This is a given, but be sure to bring a small bag with suncreen.  We reapplied several times throughout the day.

Wear sunglasses.  In the morning, I didn’t wear sunglasses on the rides because I had only brought my prescription ones and I was afraid of losing them.  However, by the afternoon I wore them anyway and I was so much more comfortable!  Next time, I’ll bring some cheap sunglasses so it won’t matter if anything happens to them. 

Bring a friend.  If you have children, allow them to bring a friend.  It will make your life so much easier!  We ended up taking Little Miss’ cousin at the last minute, and I’m so glad we did!  This gave us a chance to relax in the cabana while they played within eyesight. 

Don’t wear anything skimpy.  You want to enjoy going on all the rides – don’t wear something skimpy and you won’t have to worry about how it’s going to handle those fast waterslides (or more importantly the water you his at the bottom). 

Have fun!  We were amazed at how quickly the day went by.  It was time to go home before we knew it!

2015-08-13 15.11.36 View of the wave pool, which we never saw waves in.  Also the lazy river, so relaxing!

While it was nice to have a cabana, I don’t think it was necessary for us.  If we were going with several other families it would be great to have it as a meeting place.  While the passes are pretty pricy for a single day, the annual and three day passes are a pretty good value.  We’re definitely going to look into getting an annual pass in the future. 

2015-08-13 15.48.06 A view of the cabana – it was right next to a small pool. 

While a few of the rides you could tell were older, they all seemed to be very safe and the park was very clean.  The lifeguards could have been a little friendlier, but they weren’t that bad.  My daughter was upset that there were no rides with a double float on them so you could ride with someone else – we had seen that on their website.  She was also upset that Thunder River was closed.  Other than those minor complaints, we had an amazing time! 

2015-08-13 10.45.40These huge shade providing umbrellas were in several locations throughout the park!  

We received free passes to get into the park, but we paid for the cabana on our own.  All opinions are 100% mine. 

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