Hope you all are enjoying your summer! We sure are – which is why you haven’t been hearing too much from me. Between our new baby and all of our outdoor fun, blogging has taken a back seat.


One thing we’ve really had fun with lately was sent to me from Aerobie. Their Superdisc flying disc is ideal for long days of play in the park or the backyard or at the beach. Since we live on the water, one of my favorite features is that it floats! So many discs you’ll lose in a heartbeat unless they land upside down. Don’t have to worry about that with this one, so you can play with it in and around the water without fear!


Little Man can also chew on it, and it doesn’t hurt him – of course we have to make sure it’s clean if we think that is going to happen!! 

It’s really easy to throw, and it’s easy and comfortable to catch.  With the bright colors on the rim it’s also really easy to see – no losing your frisbee right after you throw it!  At $10, it’s an inexpensive toy as well! You can pick them up at Sports Authority, Do It Best, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other major sporting goods stores across the country. Plus, it’s made in the USA.


One of my US or Canada readers can win a Superdisc of their own!  Contest runs through midnight, Aug 15th. 


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