When I found out a Zoës Kitchen was opening at Cordova Mall in Pensacola, I was pretty excited.  I love finding new places that are healthy!  I had heard so many great things about them as well.  However, I wasn’t at all sure how my husband or daughter would like it.  They can be pretty picky, and I wasn’t sure how the Mediterranean style menu would appeal to them.  We had the opportunity to give them a try shortly after they opened, so we took it. 


Fortunately, I had no need to worry about my picky family!  My husband quickly decided that he wanted to try the Steak Kabobs.  He loved the marinade on them, which he said was sweet and spicy.   Even though he doesn’t eat onions, the onions that were on the skewers didn’t ruin the plate for him.  The smashed potatoes were absolutely delicious!  I tried them, and though they were very tasty.  I also really liked the roasted veggies that came on the plate – they looked very fresh and delicious. 

I had the salmon skewers, since I wanted to try a variety of items.  They were really good!  I loved the spice that came on the skewers – it was mild but had a great flavor.  I loved the hummus, but I wish that the dish had come with some pita chips to go with it.  The salad was fresh and delicious.  I wasn’t a he fan of the raita – it was not as thick as I like and I didn’t have anything really to go with it.  Once again, a few pita chips would have been nice along with this plate. 


My daughter loved the quesadilla.  It was very plain – just American cheese on a quesadilla.  This is right up my daughter’s alley!  She didn’t even touch the salsa.  I liked that you could choose fruit as a side dish for the children’s meal. 

While a little bit on the pricey side, I know we’ll be visiting Zoës Kitchen again for fast, healthy food options.  They also have a range of products available for pick up that is perfect for potlucks and other last minute occasions. 

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