Anyone who has boys in their family is going to have a stinky car at some point.  Our newest addition is already a pro at stinking up the car!  I’m sure as he gets older, we’ll have smelly clothes and other odors to deal with.  Thanks to Shespeaks and Febreze for sponsoring this post! 

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Here are some tips for keeping your car smelling fresh.


Haul it Out

 If you bring something into the car, be sure to bring it out of the car when you leave.  There is nothing worse than smelly clothes or old food for stinking up a car! 

Air it Out

When you’re able to, roll down the windows and let some fresh air in, or leave the doors open while you’re cleaning the inside of your car. 

Keep it Clean

Dusting and vacuuming your car out regularly not only keeps it looking nice, but helps you find hidden spills or other odor causers.  We take our cars to the car wash every week or two – after taking it through the wash, we use the free vacuums and cleaning supplies there to get the inside nice as well! 

Be Prepared

Make a “spill kit” so you have something to use when you need it.  Have an old towel, wet wipes, and a green upholstery cleaner stored in your trunk so unexpected spills can be cleaned up immediately. 

Tote it

Keep a plastic tote in your trunk to stow things that could spill.  Not only will it help prevent odors, it will help keep your trunk from getting dirty! 

Freshen Up

For times when you need help with those car odors, you can use the Febreze Vent Car Clip from Walmart to take freshness on the go.  Each clip lasts up to thirty days – great for road trips or for anyone who spends a lot of time in their car! 


Febreze sent us a great kit to try out their car clips.  My daughter loved the convertible the kit came in, and spent some time playing the board game.  My husband is really looking forward to using the Island Breeze in his truck – he works at a construction site, so there are lots of opportunities for his truck to get smelly. 






One lucky U.S. reader will win a $25 Walmart Giftcard! 


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  1. I have a febreeze car freshener thing in there and I also remove trash whenever I get out of the car, vacuum and do heavy cleaning every other month.

  2. I hide dryer sheets under the seats and in breathable pockets. It really does help to keep it smelling nice.

  3. Keeping it cleaned out is a good tip, plus I’ve heard you can put tea bags in it and it will help keep smells out too.

  4. I keep the inside of my car spotless and never eat or drink in it or leave trash in my car! I vacuum and dust the inside once a month and wash the outside once a month!

  5. Well, I keep mine smelling clean by not eating or drinking anything in the car…no spills, no garbage, no odors and not allowing smokers or kids in my car but if that’s not possible stash dryer sheets under your car seats and floor mats, and in your glove box and trunk for fresh scents as you travel.

  6. I keep a bottle of Febreze in the car and try to avoid transporting any smelly foods (or smelly people when I can get away with it). 🙂

  7. We vacuum monthly and we also take our steam cleaner to the carpet and the floor mats. We also like to spray with Febreze and we have have a water only rule.

  8. Don’t let your daughter keep her smelly cleats in the car. My car smells bad because of my daughter’s softball cleats. Thank you!

  9. We try to keep it clean so it doesnt get to smelly, but my son always seems to leave his drive thru bags in the car. Then, I go to get in and it smells like french fries or tacos! Ewwwww!

  10. Keep the eating and drinking down and only when absolutely necessary. Clean each week and use an air freshener in the car.

  11. Clean out your car frequently and never leave any trash in it. Vacuum it out once a month and keep it smelling nice with air freshener.

  12. Make sure the gallon of milk is in a bag and in the net bag in my car so it wont turn over and leak. Happened 1X and I hope never again!

  13. My tip for keeping my car smelling clean is to use a air freshener, and take the trash out of the car everytime you get out of it, it will smell better

  14. We use air fresheners in the car, no one eats or smokes in the car.
    We clean the car once a week and keep the carpet and floor mats clean.

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