Spring is just around the corner, and I know for many people that means they are ready for some changes to their home. For us, we’ll be doing some major renovations thanks to our new addition – we’re adding a bedroom! However, there are a lot of renovations that aren’t as complicated and can add value to your home.

Thanks to Danze for sending one of their amazing showerheads in return for this post – all opinions expressed in this post are my own. 



When we bought our house, it had been on the market for a while and we got it after a significant price reduction. One major issue with it was that the largest room not only had dark ceilings, but a dark floor and horrendous dark wallpaper! We do a lot of renovations ourselves, so we tend to take our time working on things since we both have full time jobs, but the wallpaper coming down was one of the first things we did.

Especially when you have dark rooms, a coat of paint can really brighten things up, and this room went from being a cave to a light-filled room that people enjoy hanging out in.


Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of replacing the kitchen cabinets, sometimes all that is needed is a coat of paint and new hardware for a new look. We plan on painting our cabinets soon, and we have already replaced the hardware to give the cabinets a more beachy feel.


Replacing your kitchen and bathroom faucets can give these rooms an updated look as well. In the bathroom, we plan on updating our showerheads and bathroom faucets. I love all of the choices that Danze has! Our shower really needs an update, and I would love to convert to a single handle faucet for the bathroom sink. We have already updated the kitchen faucet to a single handle, and it looks great and is easier to use.



While flooring is pricier than paint and fixtures, it’s amazing the difference it can make in the look of a house. Depending on what your current flooring situation is, a new floor may be worth the investment. Today there are so many options at every budget! We chose a whitewashed woodgrain laminate to lighten up our room even more – I can’t wait to extend this flooring throughout the whole house! It’s the first thing people see when they walk upstairs, and we constantly get compliments on it now.  We’re still working on this room, but it already looks so much better!


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  1. I would be so happy to get my kitchen cabinets renovated. I know they would look so much more modern. Painting really does make a home look so neat!

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