The weather is finally cooling down a bit, and you can definitely feel Fall in the air. So here in the Panhandle, it’s Festival season! As the weather becomes bearable during the day, the number of festivals increases – giving us so many options for fun things to do on the weekend!

Plus, I haven’t mentioned it on here yet but we’re expecting our second child! I was really sick up until recently, so it’s been a breathe of fresh air to be able to get out and about a little on the weekends. Up until now, I’ve spent most of the weekends sleeping!  You can check out my big old belly here: 

This past weekend we headed to Taste of the Beach – a fun little festival that lets the beach restaurants showcase their dishes. The best part is everything is $5, so you can try several different things! Little Miss and I participated in the Kids Coolinary Cooking class – she was a cook and I was a volunteer. They learned how to make their own lunchables, and Little Miss loves the greek yogurt and honey dipping sauce!  The lady over at Wild Roots did a great job teaching this first Kid’s cooking class! 

Afterwards, she got to participate in the Mermaids and Pirates parade – we even had a mermaid (Kriss Harris) come up all the way from Disneyworld in Orlando to lead the festivities! Little Miss loved marching in the parade and she has been wearing the sand dollar they gave her at the parade ever since!

Wishing all of you a wonderful week!  What were you up to this weekend?

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