For those of you who don’t know, Pensacola has been inundated with water for the past 24 hours.  Not to mention all of the wind and lightening – it was definitely a scary experience last night.  We’re finally getting some relief, and the water is going down. 

Roads have been washed away, and homes have been flooded.  Our family is fortunate – we got some minor flooding in the garage, but nothing serious. 

Scenic Hwy collapse

This is some of what we’re seeing – this one is Scenic Hwy.  Many other roads collapsed as well.  It will take a long time for us to recover from all of the damage, but I’m confident that as a community we’ll pull together.  I’ve already seen posts from friends who are helping some of the local businesses clean up, and almost everyone with a boat was out rescuing people!

Here are some pictures from around where we live – not serious at all, but more water than I’ve ever seen around here. 



So I’ll be spending the day sopping up water and hopefully drying some things out.  Not to mention working from home.  Little Miss, on the other hand is making the most of the situation!

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