We had a pretty cold week here in Florida – I know it was nowhere near as bad as the rest of the country, but for us it was pretty extreme!  My neighborhood actually lost power on the second night of the cold snap, and it took nine hours before we were online again. 

Here are some pics – unfortunately I didn’t take more that morning because I had to deal with a few weather related issues that made me late for work!


My poor Bird of Paradise froze, but I think that actually protected it – there are some dead leaves on it now, but overall it looks pretty good.  I have a few cactus plants that I’m hoping will come back – we’ll have to see later if any part of them survived.


Needless to say, Little Miss was so excited when the weather warmed up a little – here she is with a great shot of the tooth that she just lost – and getting ready for Mardi Gras season!



Laissez les bons temps rouler!

3 thoughts on “Freezing in Florida

  1. Meanwhile we just had our first non-white Christmas in Lillehammer, Norway! The temperature is in the 40s. The guest room is ready for anyone looking to migrate someplace warmer for the winter! 🙂


  2. LOL! Crazy weather! It was actually warm enough to wear short sleeves this weekend, now it’s in the 40’s….at least we got a little break from the cold.

  3. &lÃ;ao;&nbspqc’u©tait bien la peine que Madame de Maintenant VÃŽNT », plutôt, ce me semble, maisallons, faute à vous est à demi absolute, heinContinuez, surtout quelques de mes amis et moi-même nous esbaubissons fort à chaque livraison !

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