Today and tomorrow the schools are closed due to the potential of wintery weather.  I know all of you who deal with snow on a regular basis are laughing at that, but we don’t have the equipment necessary to deal with that kind of thing.  I know I’ll be staying off the roads if possible – the roads to work are all bridges and overpasses, so there is a good chance of hitting icy patches. 

Hard to believe that it was hardly even cold a few days ago!  Here is Little Miss showing off her new boots just this weekend. 



We’ll be getting freezing rain and sleet starting at noon.  Unfortunately, the possible snow won’t start until 11 tonight – I may have to set my alarm and then wake Little Miss up if it’s actually snowing.  It’s such a rare occurrence here, and she’s been asking to see snow this year.  Maybe she’ll get to make a real snow angel!



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