One of the reasons we chose to do the Disney Dining plan was because we did a lot of character dinners. If you have the cash to spend this is a great way to see the characters without having to stand in long lines.


Our first character dinner was at the Crystal Palace. Honestly, I was not expecting much where the food was concerned. We figured we would be happy if we got seated in a reasonable amount of time and got to see some Disney Characters.  Plus this one has a great view of Cinderella’s Castle!


I have to say, we were pleasantly surprised! When we got to the Crystal Palace, Little Miss got excited because she could see Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore through the window. I loved how bright and airy the restaurant was – it really gave everything a cheerful feel! We were seated by the window, so we in addition to watching the characters we also got to see the park transforming into Disney’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Since the characters have a lot of ground to cover, it’s nice to have something else to take your attention.

We were part of the last seating, so I thought the food might be a little old but everything looked really fresh. I loved the large variety of salads that were offered, and the poached salmon with creamy pesto was good as well.


There was a delicious rice noodle stir fry and the broccoli was delicious as well.  I had heard raves about the chipotle pasta, but it wasn’t one of my personal favorites.  Brian said the carved meats were excellent! He had a traditional meal of meat, potatoes, and broccoli and really enjoyed it.


I like that Pooh Corner was at children’s height, so they could see the food. It was hard to get Little Miss to eat anything since she was so excited about the characters, but she did seem to enjoy the few things she ate.

The desserts at this one were just mediocre, which was just fine with us. We’re not huge sweet eaters and typically we would prefer to go back for seconds rather than eat dessert.


My one complaint was our server. He did not really seem happy to be there, and we had to search him down and ask for things when we needed them. Fortunately, since it was a buffet, we didn’t need him very often. I mentioned to him that it was Little Miss’ birthday that week, and he eventually brought out a card signed by the characters. He also brought out a cupcake – which was pretty pointless since we were getting ready to leave.


As we were leaving, the characters started doing their exit dance around the atrium at the front (which had lovely decorations of all of the characters). Little Miss got to join in on the fun and had a great time dancing with the characters! All in all this was a great meal that I’d recommend.


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