What a busy weekend!  We went on a 5K with a lot of my coworkers, then to Day of Play, and then we biked around the beach.  All of this was on Saturday! 

We started off the morning doing a 5K.  It was the first one for several of my coworkers, and they did great!  It was a great way to kick off a busy weekend, and a great part of the Pensacola Seafood Festival! 

Pensacola seafood 5k

Then we headed over to Day of Play at the Maritime Park.  There were so many children enjoying the beautiful day with their parents! 

Day of Play - Maritime Park, Pensacola

As you can see, Little Miss had a great time! 

Next, we did some bike riding along the Island.  Red Fish Blue Fish, a new restaurant, has one of our favorite relaxing spots. 

Red Fish Blue Fish


Hope you had a great weekend as well!

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