Who’s up for a vegan challenge?  The author of this fun book has one running right now!

Take your taste buds on a whole new adventure! Bianca Philips will challenge readers to give “Cookin Crunk” a try. With daily support via tweets, blog posts and a Facebook post, Bianca will share her southern twist to Vegan Cooking.

The 7-Day Keep On Crunkin’ Challenge is designed to educate everyone on the finer aspects of transforming mouth-watering southern dishes into healthy, wholesome meals. It’s all about turning the South’s rich culture of great food into classic vegan cooking.

Starting February 19 through February 26th, Bianca’s readers will be treated to recipes, giveaways and tips on her blog famously named Vegan Crunk. Each day readers will be challenged to take a social action such as a simple request to share the experience with friends. While other days readers will be inspired to make their own BBQ sauce and more. Participants will be rewarded for their efforts by being entered into the daily givaway drawing. Prizes include Vegan Cookbooks and an official Vegan Crunk Apron.

Get Started Here:

Day One Post (Feb 19th): Keep On Crunkin’ What Crunk Means to Me

Join at anytime, by following the action on Vegan Crunk’s Facebook and via the twitter hashtag #Keep OnCrunkin.

In addition, there will be a Pinterest group board for all participants to share photos and see how their fellow “Crunkers” are enjoying the challenge.

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