It’s a New Year, so if you’re like me you’re refocusing on some ways to be healthier.  Whether it’s shedding a few pounds you gained during the holidays or making complete lifestyle changes, for me it’s easier to stick with it when you use small steps to change things. 

Step it up:  Our company has given us all pedometers that allow us to earn rewards for walking, and it has definitely made it easy to increase the number of steps I take each day!  For one thing, I had no idea how few steps I took during the work week.  I then learned how just a few minutes each day can significantly improve this number!  Don’t think you have time?  Spend just ten minutes twice a day – briskly walk five minutes out, then five minutes back home.  You’ll be amazed at what a difference it can make!

Be more mindful:  As I talked about in this post, being more mindful is one of my biggest goals for this year.  I want to do my best to not sweat the small stuff, or the things I don’t have control over.  For now, I’m trying to make sure I’m taking at least a little time each day to enjoy the here and now, and not worry about my “To do” list, etc.

Snack better:  I’m a pretty healthy eater, but since I started this job there has been a constant temptation of candy and other treats.  Thankfully for me, most of my coworkers are now on Weight Watchers, so the snacks have gotten a lot healthier.  They love it when I bring in the bags of Quaker® PoppedTM Rice Snacks!  They are low in points, and have something for every taste from sweet to savory.  My daughter likes them as well, which is a huge plus in my book.  I’ll definitely be getting more to put in her lunch. Quaker® PoppedTM is the snack you can feel good about, because it’s made with whole grain brown rice and corn and popped, not fried.

Eat more veggies:  I’ve always been a good veggie eater, but I’m trying to eat even more this year.  Fresh Market has made that easy, with their precut mixed veggies.  I don’t mind paying more if it saves me money and gets me eating a wider variety!   

Save those dollars:  Now that I’m working as well, it’s important that we put a good bit of income into savings each month.  A healthier lifestyle includes finances as well; don’t forget that important part of the puzzle!  Having money in your savings account can prevent stress when unexpected bills come up.  Depending on your situation, this could be a large or a small amount – it’s just important to put aside some money every month!  

Quaker® Quakes® are now Quaker® PoppedTM – a new name for the snack made with the delicious goodness of whole grain brown rice and corn and a great snacking solution.

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