Warning – I’m going to get on my Soapbox for just a minute! I try to keep politics off of this blog – I’m one of those people who I hope is pretty transparent in what I believe in. With the election coming up, we’ve all been inundated with ads from both side of the fence.

I just want to encourage all of you to take the time to educate yourself on the issues that are important to you this election season. Don’t take anyone’s word on what they say is true – find out for yourself! Truly educating yourself will help you make informed decisions that you can feel good about later. I love to use FactCheck.org to research various claims and form my own opinions.

So Live a Little – educate yourself, take your right to vote seriously, and make the best choices you can for yourself, your children, and the planet!


Do you have a favorite site to go to to get the facts?

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