Don’t you hate it when you let your nerves get the better of you?  Today I’m leaving on a business trip.  I thought I was fine with it, but this morning I woke up anxious about the whole thing.  Little Miss is staying with her grandparents, so I know she’ll be fine, but there is a tropical storm (Debby) in the Gulf and I’m just more than a little worried that I won’t get to fly back in tomorrow. 

Calm before the Storm

My husband is convinced all will be fine, but I just let myself get so nervous!  Probably doesn’t help that I haven’t flown since I’ve had Little Miss (I was pregnant with her the last time I flew).  So send prayers and positive thoughts my way that we don’t have any delays on our way home tomorrow! 

Also, we’re hoping my husband doesn’t have to evacuate his camper due to flooding in Louisiana.  I don’t think I’ve been this stressed about a storm in a while, and it isn’t even a big one!

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