Here are some shots from when we were camping at Lake Hartwell.


Can you tell how low the lake level was? 



The sunsets were beautiful!



Little Miss loved having such a big area to run around in! 


Overall, this was a great campground.  We had a wonderful time!

6 thoughts on “Lake Hartwell

  1. I am not a big lake camper myself, but it sounds like you had fund despite the water level. I don’t get to camp that often any more. I usually try to get to my brothers in South Lake Tahoe who lives next to a nature preserve it’s like camping in a way. We go to the lake, hikes, river & exploring nature all day. Happy Summer!

    1. We’ve gotten TONS of rain here – 22 inches in two days – lots of flooding! But the water level has gone back to normal, which is a good thing. Don’t know if they got rain where the lake was.

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