Don’t you just love it when you unexpectedly run across a little gem of a restaurant? That’s what happened to us our first night at the Lake Hartwell campground. While we do our fair share of “campground food” when we camp, we also do our fair share of eating out. We figure we’re saving money by camping, so we might as well spend money eating well. Plus, I love trying out local restaurants!

By the time we got to Lake Hartwell and set up our camp, it was getting late and we had no groceries and no eating plans. We decided to take our chances with the GPS. It only pulled up three restaurants – one was no longer open and one only opened on the weekends, so we really didn’t have much of a choice in where to go.

Stuffed Portabella

When we arrived at Carolina Pizza Company, there were a couple of locals sitting out front getting ready to order, which is always reassuring. I wasn’t in the mood for pizza, so I chose the stuffed portabella. It was stuffed with artichokes, sundried tomatoes, and cheese, and was served on a generous bed of baby greens. The whole thing was drizzled with balsamic vinegar.  All of the ingredients tasted fresh, and the whole thing was yummy and the perfect size for a meal.

Little Miss and Daddy decided to split a pizza – half pepperoni and mushroom, half cheese. They both seemed to enjoy their pizza. Brian was really impressed with the crispy pizza crust and the flavor of the sauce.  They put cornmeal on the bottom of the pizza to keep it crispy, and the sauce had a true tomato flavor.  Since we were sitting outside, we were able to observe lots of locals coming in to pick up food to take home. Apparently, they have some of the best wings around.

The servers were incredibly friendly and fast.  They spent some time talking to the local, who knew them, but never missed filling up a glass or clearing away a plate.

If you’re ever in the Lake Hartwell area, take the time to check them out!  You can glance over their menu here

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