Lately, Downtown Pensacola has become vibrant! I give credit to all of the entrepreneurs who took a risk and opened shops in the Downtown area – a place that was once asleep by 6 pm every evening is now full of life!

One of the newest additions to the Downtown Crowd is The Tin Cow. The Tin Cow is a burger joint, but it’s definitely not average! On one side of the menu, you can pick your protein, cheese, add it on (toppings), add a few premium toppings that have a small upcharge (bacon, avocado mash), and sauce it. You also get to choose the type of bread you want. All burgers are served with hand-cut bacon-infused chips, but you can opt for plain. On the back side of the menu they have a few choices that are “pre-built”. I LOVE all of the topping choices! You can go every day, only choose one type of protein, and still have a huge range of options. You can choose four toppings with no upcharge, which is fantastic! More than that and you probably couldn’t keep them on your sandwich!

I opted for the Southwestern Crab that was one of the “pre-built” options.  Double stacked crab cakes topped with jalapeño jack spread, sautéed onions, roasted green chilies and ranch on a corn dusted Kaiser bun, yummy!  They have a veggie burger too – that’s what I’ll be trying next!

Southwestern Crab Tin Cow


My husband got a burger with bacon on Texas Toast. We were both happy with the toppings we got. Since mine was pre-built, I didn’t get to choose mine, but the roasted chilies were excellent. I can’t wait to try some of the other toppings! They accidently put in my husband’s order as an American Kobe burger instead of a regular burger. It cost more, but he really liked it so we didn’t care. Those are the kind of things that may happen when a restaurant is still young! Brian loved his bacon-infused chips! Since I had opted for the un-infused chips, they were fresh made and therefore a little on the greasy side. They were still good, though I would have preferred less grease.

American koby burger tin cow

I had heard that they have really good milkshakes, so we promised Little Miss that she could have one after she ate her sandwich. It must have been good, because she wouldn’t even let me taste it and she licked the glass entirely clean!

We will definitely be returning to The Tin Cow, and if your in the downtown area I recommend you give it a try!  You can check out their menu here!

The Tin Cow on Urbanspoon

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