If you’re a vegan and you live in Pensacola, then you’ve definitely heard of End of the Line Café. This little place is popular to vegetarian, vegans and more due to the delicious and healthy food they serve there. Jen Knight, the owner, has been a vegan for seventeen years and is a cooking enthusiast.

One of the great things about EOTL is all of the special things they offer. In addition to the regular café and catering, they serve a set menu dinner on Thursday evening and brunch on Sunday morning. They also have a cooking class on the first Monday of every month and raw dinners on occasion. 

I’ve been meaning to go to the class for a while now, but this past Monday I finally made it! It’s not a traditional cooking class in that you don’t watch Jen actually cook the food. It’s more like a roundtable. We get the food that she’s already prepared, and then she tells us about it. Questions are encouraged, and we end up talking about a lot of different things.


We talked about a new organic farm in town, and how “real” vegetables don’t all look the same. I learned a lot about gluten, and about why we don’t want to eat too much of it. I’ve always known that fake meats should be used in moderation, but this was a real eye opener! We talked about various vegan protein sources and even how to grow thyme! Here was the menu:

Louisiana Gumbo

French Lentils w/ Sautéed Grape Tomatoes & Greens

Pumpkin Biscuits

Old Fashioned Peanut Butter-Chocolate Cream Pie!!!

The food was delicious. It was so light, I thought I’d need more food once I got home, but I realized once I got home that it was the perfect amount. The gumbo had zucchini in it, which was a unique and delicious addition.  The French lentils with quinoa were so yummy – we talked about all of the different lentils, and even got some cooking tips for lentils in general.  Little Miss liked the pumpkin biscuits and of course the peanut butter – chocolate cream pie!  She and I fought over that one – it was gone before I got a picture!


If you’re new to vegan cooking, these classes are a great way to learn some of the basics.  If you aren’t, you’ll still most likely walk out with some knowledge you didn’t have before!  It’s also a great way to meet other vegans – most of the people sat around one large table (Little Miss and I took a table off to the side so she could move about).  Jen e-mails out the recipes once the class is over.  I can’t wait until she finishes her cookbook that she’s working on!

I highly recommend EOTL to anyone who is looking for unique and delicious food that’s also good for you. 

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  1. Pumpkin biscuits sound amazing! This sounds like a great spot to check out. We may be in Navarre Beach this summer, which isn’t too far from Pensacola!

  2. I just know that Cafe from my vegetarian friend. They really love that cafe because of the healthy food that they serve. I tried some vegan dish and I can say that it tastes good.

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