Now that we’re back from Christmas break, I’m back to packing a lunch for Little Miss every day when she goes to school.  Fortunately for me, they have two snacks and their lunch each day, and they discourage unhealthy foods in lunches.  Because of this, you don’t have many issues with your child wanting what is in everyone else’s lunchbox! 



"monkey lunchbox"Of course, depending on your child different things will work well for packing lunches.  In our house, I’ve discovered packing lots of smaller snacks tends to work the best.  This way, if Little Miss isn’t in the mood for something, she still has plenty of choices!  Here are some of the things we pack:

  • Raw veggies and/or whole grain crackers with hummus
  • Small container of organic yogurt.  I sometimes mix in a few chocolate chips as a special treat!
  • Nuts
  • Dried fruit
  • Cheese slices or sticks
  • Tofu or chicken nuggets
  • Air-popped popcorn
  • Dried fruit
  • Nut butter and honey sandwiches
  • Homemade whole-grain pasta salad
  • Apple slices, or any other fruit your child enjoys!
  • Whole-grain mini bagel with a small container of cream cheese
  • Wraps – put cheese and lean meat or veggies in a wrap.  Include a dressing for dipping!
  • Healthy snack bars
  • No sugar added fruit cups or applesauce
  • Graham crackers

I hope this gives you some ideas for packing lunches for your child!  I always let Little Miss pick out some of the items each morning herself, to give her some control over her lunch.  We actually keep several items in her own section in the kitchen, and she gets to go there and pick items each morning.  It works out really well for us!  I am sharing this post with Healthy Child, Healthy World.

2 thoughts on “Green and Healthy Bag Lunch Ideas

  1. Since moving to Norway, where there are no cafeterias in schools, and one MUST pack lunches, so I seriously appreciate the tips!

    But I must ask, do you pack a lunch by choice?

    I seriously HATE making lunches, and miss school cafeterias terribly!!!!

    I know! I am a bad mom. But I accept my imperfections.


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