Have you heard of the website Healthy Child, Healthy World?  It’s a great resource for all parents! 

They have easy steps you can take to make your home safer for yourself and your children.  Additionally, they also have a wealth of information on safe (and by default, green) products to use!  What are the five steps to a healthy home?

  1. Avoid Pesticides
  2. Use Non-toxic Products
  3. Clean Up Indoor Air
  4. Eat Healthy
  5. Be Wise with Plastics

Head over to their website to find out more about these steps!  For each one, they have what to do, a safety checklist, safe solutions, more information, and research studies.  Want to share what you’ve learned with friends?  You can host a Healthy Home Party!  This box comes with a wealth of information, samples, and coupons. 


Their kits cost $20, which covers shipping and programmatic expenses. The $20 is tax-deductible, and a receipt will be sent following your purchase.  It’s almost overwhelming how much information you will get!  Please allow yourself plenty of time to go through all of the info before scheduling your party. 


In our box we got a ton of Cliff fruit strips and Luna Bars, which were great for serving as snacks at the party.  We also got some Plum samples, a cleaning kit sample, a Klean Kanteen, and many other things.  We gave the Plum samples and cleaning bottles away as door prizes, and Little Miss got to keep the Klean Kanteen.  We also got samples of All-Natural Han Wipes from Clean Well and Episencial samples for everyone.  There are also a ton of high dollar coupons to share with everyone! 


My only complaint is that there isn’t a place to specify how many people you are expecting or their age groups.  Fortunately I knew people in all of the age groups except for the smallest size of Bamboo Nature diapers,  We had a ton of leftovers, so those I’ve given to friends and I plan on taking some to Little Miss’ preschool so they can give them to interested people.  


Here are a few of the bags packed ready to go – I didn’t want people to forget anything, so I had their bags all ready for them!  There was also a great (extremely short) video to watch, that just highlights what Healthy Child, Healthy World is all about. 

Overall it’s a great way to share with your friends some great products!


**I received a free Healthy Child, Healthy World box for review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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