Halloween is just around the corner – these tips will help you stay green while you celebrate!

Costumes.  Of course one of the easiest ways to stay green is by not buying a costume off the rack!  There are a lot of great options here.

  • Buy used.  Use Craigslist, the thrift stores, or garage sales to find the perfect costume for you or your little one at a reduced price.  Or, host a costume swap party and get all of your friends together for fun and a swapping of costumes.
  • Use what you have.  Be creative!  Use things around your house to fashion a costume.  Let your imagination run wild!
  • Buy handmade.  This year we’re buying a new costume, but it’s handmade.  It’s a tutu that she wanted for dress-up anyway, so it serves double duty!  We’ll add wings and a wand for a great fairy look!
  • Rent.  A lot of places will let you rent costumes, and these are usually a lot better quality than the ones on the costume rack!

Candy.  No one wants to be a Grinch, but do children really need all of that sugar?  Plus what to do with what your child brings home?

  • Give out healthy options.  Honey sticks, fair-trade chocolate, and stickers are all great options.  My cousin is going to give out play-doh.  I know my daughter would choose a pretty rock over another candy bar these days!
  • If your children are older, encourage them to collect money for UNICEF rather than get candy.
  • Donate the candy you collect to a shelter, or other group.

Having a party?

  • Use Fall’s natural beauty to decorate.  Think fall leaves, hay bales, and other items.
  • Borrow decorations from your friends.  I know we have a ton of decorations that we don’t use every year since my husband is out of town so much.
  • Skip disposable dishware.  Use the real ones – your friends will feel special!
  • Get your pumpkins locally, and be sure to bake a pie with the insides and compost the rest!  How about some fresh roasted pumpkin seeds?

How are you going green this Halloween? 

7 thoughts on “Tips for a Green Halloween

  1. Great tips! I needed this post to get me inspired to decorate. Living in Norway, no one decorates for Halloween nor fall! Perhaps I´ll start a trend this year!? But, know what I miss most? The fabulous pumpkin stands that make for beautiful fall portraits. Little Miss looks adorable.

    1. Thanks! I can’t wait until the pumpkin stand goes up again this year so we can get pictures made again! They have the stand, but no pumpkins yet! It’s really close to where we live, so it’s easy to keep an eye on it!

  2. Thanks for posting! I wish more of my friends would “go-green”. But ya, i’ve already convinced my 6yo daughter to look for the “usda organic” circle on foods and to stay away from ‘bad sugars’. I’m anxious to see what she will do when we are at a halloween party.

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