I LOVE drinking out of straws.  I don’t know what it is about them, but they seem to make everything taste better.  Give me some fizzy water in a glass with crushed ice and a straw, and I’m in Heaven. 

However, I always felt guilty about drinking out of disposable straws.  I wasn’t too sure that they were recyclable, and who knows how safe they are?  That’s why I was happy to find the world of glass straws!  Glass Dharma sales straws that are reusable and fairly easy to clean.  You can run them through the dishwasher, and you can even get cleaning brushes for them (which I recommend if you’ll be using them for smoothies).  I love how all of the packaging they send can go right out to your recycle bin.


Those sent several different types of straws and a hemp carrier, which is awesome for protecting your straw when you’re on the go. 

My favorites are the ones with the decorative dots – not only do they brighten up any drink, but they prevent the straws from rolling off of the counter!  If you’re a fan of bendy straws, you’ll love the bent straw they sale! 

No matter what you’re drinking, they have a great straw for you.  All sizes are made from borosilicate tubing and annealed to specifications provided by Corning, Inc.  Additionally, they all come with a Lifetime Guarantee Against Breakage!  No, this doesn’t mean that you can go outside and beat them with a hammer and expect them not to break, but if your straw does break under normal use, just mail it back to them and they will send you a replacement!  Unlike other companies, you don’t even have to pay for return shipping. 

Little Miss loves drinking out of glass straws too.  I think it makes her feel grown up, and I’ve never had any problem with her and the straws.  We’ve been using glass straws for several years now, and although many people ask me if we have problems with the straws breaking from hitting our glasses, we’ve never had that problem.  In fact, the only breakage we’ve had came from dropping one on the brick floor! 

BUY IT:  Want to try Glass Dharma Straws out for yourself?  You can buy directly from their website, or check out these other stores that carry their products. 

WIN IT:  One lucky reader will win a $25 GiftCode to Glass Dharma!  Please check their website to ensure that they ship to your country if you are outside of the US and Canada.  Winner will be responsible for shipping, but they can use the giftcode to pay for it. 


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33 thoughts on “Glass Dharma–A Review and a #Giveaway!

  1. I love the fact that Glass Dharma straws are all hand made in Fort Bragg, California. (U.S.A.) This was pretty awesome. I like both the beautiful bends and the decorative dots straw types…I can’t make up my mind. lol

  2. Love the product and love, love, love the dotted Ice Tea straws. This is such a great idea. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

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