So this one I took a few weeks ago, but things have been hectic here so I forgot to post it!  Little Miss started a new pre-school September 1st.  She really likes it so far, and it’s a much better match for us.  Here is a picture from her first day!


She was so excited about carrying her own lunchbox!  I like it too, now that I’m getting the hang of packing lunches and snacks every day.  It’s good to know what she’s eating every day!  Our first full week was rough (last week), but we’re finding our groove this week. 


How are your children adjusting to school?

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday–First Day at a New School!

  1. She’s such a cutie and growing up so fast, huh? I am sure you will settle into the routine soon enough. It’s good that she is enjoying herself. She has a long career of schooling ahead of her so the first experiences definitely need to be positive. I am loving the lunch box! Thanks for sharing!

    1. She’s growing up TOO fast! I’ll be happy when she settles in with some friends – that’s what she misses the most. They are all friendly to her, but she just need to get to know them better. She picked out the lunchbox herself – I’m so glad she went with that instead of princesses!

  2. My Kindergarten (german for preschool!) was 2 blocks from where you live. Mrs. Lennie Pate’s.
    I don’t remember having a lunch box there, meybe I went home for lunch. (a half block away).
    I DO rremember every lunch box I had after that though……

  3. The lunch box makes them feel so grown-up, doesn’t it? My son used to always want what everyone else is eating and I though bringing his own lunch box was going to be a problem, No, he was do happy to carry it and to tell me what to put in it.

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