As you all know, Tropical Storm Lee hit the Louisiana Coast this past weekend and from there it seemed as if it didn’t move anywhere.  Seriously, this was one o’f the slowest storms I have ever been through!  Even though we weren’t in the direct path of the storm, we got wind and rain that started on Friday and didn’t end until last night.  On Sunday morning we even lost power for five hours! 


Once we got power back, we headed to the beach to see our friends and get a change of scenery.  In between storm bands we took a trip down the pier. 


Going to the pier is a popular past-time during tropical storms for people who live on the beach.  It’s the best place to get a good view of the waves, and the wind whipping around you is pretty exciting. 


Since the storm was far away, the waves weren’t nearly as big as they have been during other storms.  I’ve been out there when you could feel them crashing right underneath the boards of the pier.


The surfers still did their best to catch some waves, despite all of the red flags.


After our walk down the pier, we noticed another band of storms coming up so we turned around to head back before the rain started again.  With the wind at our backs, it was a quick trip! 


As you can see, Little Miss had a great time on this adventure!

Today we woke up to low temperatures and beautiful weather –

my only wish is that it had been this weekend so we could have taken advantage of it!

How did you spend your holiday weekend?

8 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Lee–AKA One Rainy Weekend!

  1. I must say, growing up in the Carolinas, I love a good hurricane. 🙂 So even though it wasn’t beach weather, I def enjoyed it! I didn’t enjoy however, the tree that fell in my back yard. But with the storm gone, yesterday was one of the most beautiful days I have seen in a long time! Looks like this weekend will be beach weather again!

  2. I’m so sick and tired of the yucky weather. We got remnants of Irene, then we had nasty thunderstorms, then a tornado touched down nearby and today we’re supposed to be getting a half inch of rain every hour! Plus it’s getting colder and colder every day. Where did summer go??

  3. Glad you and your family are okay! I live in NY and we got hit with a Hurricane turned Tropical Storm a few weeks ago and entire towns got washed out. We were lucky where we lived and had only minimal flooding.

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