Sunday is a fun time to go to Pensacola Beach.  Most of the tourists are heading home, so it’s when the locals come out to play.  The local restaurants know this, and many have Sunday Fun-Day specials.  One place that has great specials is Laguna’s!  They are a new place on the Boardwalk, and pretty pricy unless you hit them for Happy Hour half-priced appetizers or Sunday.  However, the food is really excellent!


Their signature fish motif shows up in many places, including the pint glasses.  We started off with a $10 pitcher of margaritas, but switched to beer later.  This piece of artwork looked right at home in the rainy weather!  You can also enjoy a  bottomless mimosa or bloody mary on Sunday.  


They have great food specials too – unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of the food, but trust me, it was good!  I enjoyed $2 mahi tacos, while my husband had $.35 oysters on the half-shell and  $5 wings.  I really wish they had some vegetarian options.  We’ve been back since this time, and the fish tacos aren’t as good as they used to be.  For some reason the skimp on the lettuce on Sunday!  However, they do have some really good house-made jalapeno poppers!  Careful, though, they are hot!  


This particular Sunday (it was several weeks ago), was very rainy, so the place was pretty empty.  There was a wonderful musician there to entertain us though!  Little Miss had a great time playing in the rain, then decided to take a little nap with her Daddy.


All in all a fun afternoon, and a great way to waste some time on a lazy rainy Sunday!  I highly recommend giving them a try if you’re ever on Pensacola Beach!


Here is the Sunday menu in case you’re interested – 


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