One thing Little Miss and I enjoy doing during the hot summer months is going to the library.  It’s a change of scenery, and there is always so much to explore!  They have a great play area for the children.  The other day Little Miss decided to pick out a book and relax while looking at it – I just had to take a picture!



I just thought this was so sweet! 

She also loves playing dress-up these days.  Here she is in her Tinkerbelle outfit that was her Halloween costume last year.  It’s almost too little now, but she still loves to play in it!  We’ll have to get her some more dress up clothes soon! 




My baby girl is growing up!

4 thoughts on “Having Fun at the Library

  1. Awe so cute. My girls and I are enjoying the library as well. Right now they have a fun summer reading porgram going on. Not only that, we love storytime at the library!

  2. I love going to the library! It’s so much fun! I just wish my son knew how to keep it together better. he wants to run around like he’s at the park. And there’s this big stuffed bear that he loves to tackle. It’s actually kind of funny!

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