Our history with computer routers has been shaky at best.  They all claim to be easy to install and use, but we always seem to run into problems.  With our last router, we had no troubles installing it on our main computer, but it took forever to get the laptops connected.  Additionally, I couldn’t use the automatic connect because it would “fight” with my aircard program each time.
When my husband opened the box to the Cisco-Valet Wireless Router, he started laughing.  I asked him what was going on, and he pointed inside.  No directions.  He said, “This is going to be the simplest thing we’ve ever done or a train wreck.”   Fortunately for us, it was the simplest thing we have ever done.  The Valet was simple to plug in to our main computer, and an Easy Setup Key connected all of our laptops with no problems whatsoever.  We just plugged in the key and followed the easy on-screen directions.  It doesn’t try to “fight” with my aircard, so I’m able to use the automatic connect on my laptop without any problems.
I love that the Wireless-N sped things up and allows me to use the internet on my back porch, something I’ve never been able to do before.  Since we love hanging out on the back porch, this is a great benefit!  I also love that you can give guests a temporary password that will let them connect to the internet.  It’s not that we don’t trust the people who stay at our house, it’s just nice to have that extra security!

Moms will LOVE the parental control features.  You can set specified times that your child can access the internet, or you can completely turn it off if they are grounded.  It’s simple to do from the main page.  Since children have their own laptops a lot of the time, I think this is a wonderful feature!  You can also block internet pages – they have a child or teen setting, or you can choose specific pages to block.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a wireless printer so we didn’t get to test that aspect out.  I’m really looking forward to the day when I’ll be able to print something from my laptop!
My only complaint was that I’m worried we may lose the key one day.  I wish there was a way to connect it to the router!  I wanted to apply some Velcro to it and the router to keep them together, but my husband decided to just keep the key in a desk drawer.
Overall, I give the Cisco Valet 5 Stars – it’s simple to set up, easy to customize the settings, and the signal is fast and strong.  Better yet, they currently have free shipping and a 90 day return policy!
  • Features:*
  • Wireless-N (2.4 GHz)Fast Ethernet
  • 4-port switch
  • Easy setup
  • USB key included
  • 1 Year complimentary assisted support

**I received a Cisco Valet for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own.  

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