Here in the Panhandle, everyone is gearing up for the Mardi Gras season, so I thought this week we’d focus on Mardi Gras on the blog!  Before I moved here, I thought Mardi Gras was only celebrated in New Orleans, but there are actually some great family friendly activities all along the Gulf Coast!

One of the great things about Mardi Gras is all of the wonderful food.  This is the only time of year you can buy King Cakes everywhere, and traditional foods such as Po-Boys abound.  This Tofu Po-Boy is super-easy to make, and one of my favorite ways to have tofu.

Buffalo Tofu Po-Boys
  1. Press 1/2 of a package of tofu for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Cut tofu into strips.  Put into a glass dish and coat tofu blocks with Bragg’s.
  3. Bake tofu blocks at 350 for about 30 minutes – I sometimes cook longer because I like mine to get rather crispy.  Turn after 15 minutes.
  4. Coat tofu with your favorite Buffalo Wing sauce, or make your own sauce with Frank’s Red Hot and butter.  
  5. Cook tofu another 10-20 minutes.  
  6. While the tofu is cooking, saute some mushrooms, onion, and bell pepper.
  7. Pile tofu and sauteed vegetables onto some good quality french bread.  Add lettuce if you’d like, and enjoy!  I serve mine with oven-baked fries.  

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