I admit it.  I absolutely HATE mopping.  Not a good thing when you have all hardwood floors and a toddler.  So I was super-excited when I had the opportunity to review the Dynamop.  I never thought that anything could make mopping fun, but I think the Dynamop has succeeded!
Fluffy Dynamop Microfiber Head
This great system comes with a spin basket bucket and three microfiber mopheads for the low price of $39.95.  Use code GreenMom to get an additional 10% off through Feb 28th!  The mopheads can be thrown into the washing machine when needed, but the spin basket does such a good job I’m not sure that you’ll ever need to!
After a spin around our VERY dirty floor!
Mopping with the Dynamop is simple.  You can use it to dry mop if you’d like beforehand – the microfiber is great at picking up larger pieces of dirt.  The spin basket has an area for your water and cleaner.  It doesn’t require a lot of water, which makes it easy to carry around.  Just dip the mop into the water, move it into the spin basket and step on the lever to spin it.
After a Good Spin in the Dynamop Spin Basket
The spin basket is amazing.  It can reach a speed of up to 2500 rpm, so you can totally dry out the mop head if wanted.  This makes it perfect for cleaning up spills – just mop up the mess and then spin the head to release the spill into the bucket!  When we used it we’d just give it one or two spins to have a slightly damp mop for cleaning.  This worked well because it dried on it’s own very quickly, but if we happened to get extra water in any area we just spun the dynamop dry and it quickly picked up the excess water.  We found it worked best if you took the mop out of the spin basket while it was still spinning a little to spin the microfibers out.
Although they say NOT to let children use it, we let Little Miss use it on the floor – we didn’t let her spin it because it goes so fast!
Assembly was pretty easy – I did have to get my husband to tighten up the handles for me.  The mop heads are simple to put on and remove, you really can do it with your foot!  The bucket seems to be very sturdy – I’m expecting it to have a very long life, as well as the mop heads.  They seem to be made very well too.  I haven’t sent them through the washing machine yet, but I don’t expect to have any problems when I do.
Dumping out some super-dirty water after we were finished – YUCK!
I think the Dynamop is a great product – way better than a Swiffer or any other mop we’ve owned.  Although the initial investment is a little more, I think in the long run it will really pay off.  Plus when you add up the cost of buying the new pads for the swiffer that you are constantly needing, this is actually less expensive, and a LOT less wasteful!
**I received a discounted price on a Dynamop in exchange for an honost review.  I didn’t receive any other type of compensation.**

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  1. Hello, thanks for sharing this review. One question, how has the Dynamop Spin mop held up? Did you have issues with spin basket detaching?

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