This weekend I decided to take Little Miss to the Magical Winter Wonderland Tour at Seville, located in the buildings across the street from Seville Quarter.
Once we get through the squeezing through the chimney part, which she wasn’t very fond of (you squeeze through two air bags – it gets pitch black), she throughly enjoyed it!  
There were several Christmas scenes, and amazing 3D artwork throughout.  The artwork looks great even without the 3D!  One area even had “snow”, which was a big hit here in Florida!!
Little Miss had the most fun running through the area that had inflated candy canes hanging down – we went through that at least five times!  After that was a bridge through a tunnel that had beautiful paintings on it that spinned!  We ended up going through twice, and the second time it made me a little dizzy, so beware!  
Of course, no Winter Wonderland would be complete without a visit to Santa.  Children have a chance to sit in Santa’s lap at the end, and then you get a ticket to go across the street and get a free cup of hot cocoa.  
Be sure to bring your camera – picture taking is encouraged!  Unfortunately, my battery was running out so I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked.  
Seville’s Magical Winter Wonderland is over for this year, but I imagine it will be back next year!  It’s a great choice for those colder evenings since the whole thing is inside.  

Merry Christmas!  

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