Steep and Chill

Steep and Chill, freezer core, and infuser
Living in the South, I’m a huge fan of iced tea.  However, there are a lot of times when I don’t think about the tea until I want it!  As you know, this can prove to be a huge problem for iced tea lovers.  You can brew really strong tea and add ice (which never manages to taste quite right), add ice and end up with really weak tea, or be patient and wait for the tea to cool (which is no fun!).
That’s why I was thrilled when Jasmere offered vouchers for a Steep & Chill.  I had never heard of the tea spot, or a Steep & Chill, but it sounded like it was just what I needed.  The Steep & Chill consists of three parts:  the pitcher, the infuser, and a freezer core.
The freezer core  is fairly small, so it’s easy to store in your freezer until needed.  It’s a BPA-free plastic cylinder.  Just fill it up with water, screw on the lid, and throw in the freezer until you’re craving some iced tea.  You can also use it any time you’re serving any type of cold liquid at a party.  Just put the drink in the pitcher and let the freezer core keep your drink cold.  I love the idea of being able to have cool beverages out and available for guests without worrying about them getting watered down!

Infuser with tea leaves
The infuser is BPA free as well.  Simply add your loose-leaf tea into the infuser (I use 4 heaping tsp), screw the infuser into the pitcher lid, and put the whole thing into the pitcher after you’ve added your water.  Once the tea has steeped for the proper amount of time, take the lid off and remove the infuser.
If you’re frugal like me, at this point instead of removing the infuser you can pour the water into another pitcher and fill again to make a second batch of tea.  Many of the tea spot’s high quality teas can be resteeped without affecting the quality of the tea.
I had a few tea leaves escape the infuser during steeping, but they all sank to the bottom and none of them got in my glass until I was at the very bottom of the pitcher.

Steep & Chill with infuser inserted
Now that you have your tea steeped, it’s time to add the freezer core!  The core screws into the lid, where you had the infuser earlier.
Technically, you can have both in at the same time, which could be really nice if you wanted to make some infused water or vodka or something.  I can see adding sliced limes to the infuser and leaving the freezer core in the pitcher filled with water for a refreshing summer drink.
The pitcher is nice enough to look good while serving guests, and holds 32 ounces.  It is made of borosilicate glass with a plastic base, handle, and lid.Unfortunately, my husband accidently knocked my pitcher onto the floor when he was remodeling the kitchen and it broke before I got much use out of it.  However, I think it’s an amazing product and hope to buy another one in the near future!

PROS: Steeps and cools tea quickly without diluting it, stylish, keeps drinks cool for a long time.
CONS: Pitcher is made of glass, so it can be broken, although I would not classify it as fragile.
Overall a great product!
**The opinions expressed are 100% my own.  I paid for this product and received no compensation of any sort for this review.

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